International Dale Blue Cross

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International Dale Blue Cross Organisation
Type: Humanitarian
Headquarters: Undefined
Official Languages: English
Membership: 1
Establishment: 2011
Colours: Blue and White
Charter: Salaria Convention
Founder: King Danny Clarke I
Secretary General: Danny Clarke

The International Dale Blue Cross Organisation, International Dale Blue Cross or Dale Blue Cross is the Humanitarian orginisation of the Dale Empire which is obligated to help all people of micro and macronations, without discrimination, regardless of their ethnic origin, nationality or religion during times of war, natural disaster and other times of humanitarian troubles. It's work continued into that of the Dale Republic.

The Gothenburg Convention

The International Dale Blue Cross Organisation follows the Gothenburg covention which was celebrated in Gothenburg, Sweden, on April 2010. It is regarded as the foundational document of the Blue Cross. Among its main provisions there are:

  • Wounded and Sick Soldiers who are out in battle should be humanely treated and in particular should not be killed, injured, tortured, or subjected to biological experimentation.
  • Wounded and Sick Soldiers should be collected, cared for, and protected, though they may also become prisioners of war.
  • Parties to the conflict should record the identity of the dead and wounded, and transmit this information to the opposing party.
  • The International Blue Cross or any other impatial humanitarian organization should provide protection and relief of wounded and sick soldiers, as well as medical and religious personnel.
  • Neutral vessels should be made to help and collect for the wounded, sick, and shipwrecked.
  • Neutral vessels shall not be attacked or captured.
  • Hospital ships shall not be used for any military purpose. They shall not be attacked or captured.
  • Although a warship cannot capture a hospital ship's medical personnel, it can hold the wounded, sick, and shipwrecked as prisioners of war.
  • Prisioners of War are responsibility of the state not the persons who capture them.
  • Prisioners of War must be treated humanely without any adverse discriminations. Their medical needs must be met.
  • A party holding Prisioners of War shall not use physical or mental torture, nor any other form of coercion.
  • Prisioners of war shall be allowed to keep personal properties of non-military nature and this shall be respected.
  • Civilians and/or non-combatants shall not be made Prisioners of War, they shall not suffer violence, they shall not be taken hostages, nor shall they suffer any other form of outrage to their personal dignity.


Founded on the 27th of August 2011 the Dale Blue Cross became the first humanitarian orginisation in the Dale Empire. It is a non-profit organisation and is funded by the Dale monarchy. The Dale Blue Cross is hoping to begin a first aid training program for it's civilians. This remains a goal even after the political reforms between monarchy and republic, this trainning will be paid for by the dale government.