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International Conservative (IC)
IC Logo.png
Logo of the IC
Meeting place IC :: Member Chat (Skype/Google)
IC Subforum ( Forum)

Official languages English
Also includes various regional languages

Membership 5 (Country/Political Party)

Chairman Jackson Cole; LJP (Temporary Chairman)
Secretary Jackson Eden

Ratification of the charter Monday, 6 July 2015

Objective To give all right-wing/conservative majorities and minorities representation and to peacefully promote right-wing/conservative ideas.

Official Contacts President Jackson Cole (Forum)
Prime Minister Mike Lewis (Forum)

Website International Conservative

The International Conservative (IC) was a political international organization composed of parties or nation-states with conservative views. The IC served as an interest group for parties which promote conservative ideologies in parliamentary settings. Other aspects of interest included defense of free enterprise markets, low economic intervention (regulation and subsidies), small and limited government, religious freedom, and political efficacy and humanitarian efforts. Building on the principles of policy-past, the IC attempted to promote religious and racial tolerance, as well as protection of the propagation of Christianity, Islam, and Judaism, among other efforts.


In 4 July 2015 the topic was made by Jackson Cole to create a right-wing organization, originally called the International Right-Wing Parties. The following Monday, Jackson determined the organization would be called the International Conservative, to include a wider variety of conservatives. This suggestion was put forth by Tsar Thomas I of Nolland and Emperor Tiberius of Zenrax.

The first employed charter[1] was prepared on 6 July 2015. It was planned for joint ratification by the delegates before the organization's apparent dissolution.

Later member Mike Lewis proposed a large-scale amendment to the charter which all members eventually ratified.

On the 14th of August, 2015, King John I of the Republic of Loquntia was enacted as the House Speaker, and a few hours later, Jackson Eden of the Universal Triumvirate was elected Secretary.

On the 1st of September, 2015, citing his "decision... that I'll be leaving micronational organizations for a while", Mike Lewis resigned from his post as Deputy Chairman.


Country Party Abbr. Delegate Government IC Position
Kid United Republic KUR Libertarian-Justice Party LJP Jackson Cole (President) in government Chairman
Abelden Conservative Party CP HIRM Emperor Stephen (Emperor) in government Indeterminate
Loquntia Democratic-Republican Party DERP King John I (King) in government House Speaker
Triumvirate flag.png Universal Triumvirate Union Party Union Jackson Eden (Head of Media) in government Secretary

Former Members

Country Party Abbr. Delegate Government IC Position
Lundenwic Lundenwic Militarists Party LMP Mike Lewis (Prime Minister) in government Deputy Chairman