Intermicronational Sport Ranking

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The following are intermicronational sports rankings; the position is calculated for sports, games won, lost, drawn and for sports affiliation.

Football (National teams)

Team Won Lost Draw International Affiliation
Luxe.jpg Repubblica democratica di Luxe 12 0 1 U.M.S.
Fixed Malinovian Flag.png State of Malinovia 1 0 0 MNATOS
Belcityflag.png Belcity UCMM
Republic of Quebec
The Bot Farm
Republic of Kapreburg
Federal Republic of Los Bay Petros
Commonwealth of Essexia
Socialist United Republic of Ünie
Federal Republic of St.Charlie
2nd Cheslovian Federation
Principality of Hashima
Peoples Republic of Duke
United Federation of BMH
Sancti Imperii ex Skywalkistan
Technological Federation of Erephisia
West Moravia
Federal Socialist Republic of Petrograd
Empire of Paravia
Royal Commonwealth of Appalachia
Empire of Austenasia
Commonwealth of Dracul
Decracy of Yunivers
Republic of Escaplieria

Football (Teams in the nation's league)

Team Won Lost Draw National Affiliation
VirtusLuxe.png Virtus Luxe 3 2 1 LFF
Luxese 2 2 0 LFF
LegioLuxe.png Legio Luxe 1 0 0 LFF
Luxe City 0 0 0 LFF
CoatofArmsBelcity.pngBelcity 0 0 0 FBGC
Città d'Aste 0 0 0 FBGC