Intermicronational Space Agency of Unity

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Intermicronational Space Agency of Unity
Part of ICoU
Agency overview
Formed9 April 2019
Preceding agency
HeadquartersÎle à Dumais, Quebec
MottoVacuum don't stop us
Annual budget RQ$;500.50 RQR (2019)
Agency executives

The Joint International Space Administration (JISA, /ˈisə/) is an intermicronational government agency of the Kingdom of Ikonia and Republic of Quebec responsible for the citizens space program, as well as aeronautics and aerospace research.


Foundation document picture

JISA was created in 2019, forming the main first NASA-type organization for micronations. An effort for the JISA was the idea of founding Administrator, Cameron I, after stumbling on MicroWiki pages for micronational space agencies. The JISA was formed along with the help of Aidan McGrath.