Intermicronational Chess Tournament 2019

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2019 Intermicronational
Olympic Games
Nations participating8
Athletes participatingTBC
Opening CeremonyCancelled
Closing CeremonyCancelled
Officially opened byLogan I of Aenopia
Preceded byFirst Games
Succeeded byOnly planned games

The Micronational Chess Tournament 2019 was a planned chess tournament, meant to simulate the macronational World Chess Championship, this event is to be a competitive online tournament comprised of Chess and only Chess. The event was created following the cancellation of the 2019 OAM Games and the failed suggestion of a OAM Chess Tournament to take its place. However, planning for the event ceased following the inactivity of co-planner Cristi of Plushunia before Logan I withdrew from planning.

Official Bids

Bidding Nation(s) Flag Bid Entered Hosting City Players sent
Aenopia Dominion of Aenopia.jpg 26 July 2019 White 1
Plushunia PlushuniaFlag2.png 26 July 2019 TBC N/A
Arbreland FlagOfAbrelandOfficial.jpeg 26 July 2019 TBD 1
Auvenum AuvFlag2.png 26 July 2019 Jyilzyem N/A

Ironically, Aenopia ended up as the hosting nation of the MOD games. This was the result of an online wheel, for which Aenopia just barely won with 3 votes. Plushunia and Arbeland has 2 votes each and Auvenum had 1.


So far, seven nations have signed up to compete in the games, these being...