Independent State of Isia

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Flag of Isia Government Website

The Independent State of Isia is a micronation founded by Augusto Supremo (alias) on February 17, 2019. Due to it's size, Isia is a unitary state led by a Supreme Leader.


The Independent State of Isia is a unitary government led by a Supreme Leader, who has Supreme power over the nation.

The Senate

The senate has extremely vague and limited power and the Supreme Leader has the power to declare himself to be the senate, effectively dissolving it. So far, this event has not happened. The Isian senate consists of two people appointed by the Supreme Leader.

Foreign Relations

Isia is not well known in the micronational world, yet maintains informal diplomatic relations with a few other nations.

Isia has alliances with the Kingdom of New Omaha and the Federal Republic of Venstrål. Isia formally recognizes the following countries:

- New Omaha

- Venstrål

- Molossia

- Sealand

- All UN members

- Atlantium

- Taiwan

- Northern Cyprus