Independency of Killmakia

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Independency of Killmakia

"Killmakia, the Bountiful"
North America, Izu Islands, Lord Howe Island, Antarctica
Official language(s)English, Japanese, Hawaiian Pidgin
Official religion(s)Christianity
Short nameKillmakia
- EmpressCatarina I
- Prime MinisterJacob Killmaki
- Vice Prime MinisterNoah Gonzales
EstablishedJune 23, 2015
Area claimedover 83.7 acres
CurrencyMakiponokane ( ₭ )
Time zonePST
National sportBilliards
National dishSpam Musubi
National animalRoyal Tiger

The Independency of Killmakia (Japanese: キルマキア の どくりつこく), also known as the Independent State of Killmakia, or simply Killmakia, is a micronation and new-country project founded on June 23, 2015 by Jacob Killmaki. It is a developing micronation that seeks to eventually gain statehood, a working economy, cultural identity and become a tourist attraction. Killmakia is also a real country and person of international law according to the Declarative Theory of Statehood, upheld by the 1933 Montevideo Convention and by the European Union. It is not an internet nation or online simulation. Citizens become citizens voluntarily and can come and go voluntarily.


The Independency of Killmakia was founded on June 23, 2015 by Jacob T. Killmaki. After learning about world micronations such as the Principality of Sealand and the Republic of Molossia, Jacob T. Killmaki - disappointed with the direction that his country was headed - decided to start his own micronation by declaring martial law over his own bedroom. He began by designing a flag, a facebook page and a small declaration of independence. Over time, various friends and relatives became citizens: many of whom are now part of the Killmakian government. Various homes, bedrooms and apartments were declared Killmakian territories.

Eventually Killmakia claimed Sōfu Iwa and Ball's Pyramid, two oceanic rock formations. As the number of citizens grew, the territories became too much for the Prime Minister to keep track of, and so he passed the Edict of Permanent Territory, dropping claims to temporarily occupied bedrooms and houses, stating that territory must be kept permanently.

On August 23, 2015, Killmakia claimed their first territory that remains unclaimed by any other country: Diaz Rock.

As of yet, the Killmakian government is in a skeletal state, with many empty seats in the Ministry of State and Killmakian Parliament. Nevertheless, the population of Killmakia exceeds that of various other micronations, and efforts are being taken to the expansion of the country.


Killmakia consists of four territories: Sōfu Iwa, Ball's Pyramid, Diaz Rock, and Hongoku Province. These territories are geographically scattered, being made up of land from North America, the Izu Island, the Lord Howe Island group and Antarctica. Notable among these claimed territories is Diaz Rock (an Antarctic rock off the Trinity Peninsula), which Killmakia claimed on Sunday, August 23, 2015. This is their first territory that remains unclaimed by any other country.

Killmakia also claims one house in Fresno, CA. This territory is called Hongoku Province (ほんごく しゅう). This house acts as the current headquarters for Killmakia.

Declaration of Independence

On June 23, 2015, Killmakia officially declared itself an independent, sovereign nation. The Killmakian Declaration of Independence is as follows:

"We officially declare this land the Independency of Killmakia; an independent, sovereign nation with its own unique set of laws, government, population, territory and cultural identity; we deem it right and beneficial for us to now sow the seeds of self-governance and begin the formation of our own unique, self-sustaining, autarchic micronation. "

~ Prime Minister Jacob Killmaki

Laws and Customs

As of 7/6/16 Killmakia over went great changes and is now an Anarchist country. It's newfound principles are voluntary association, solidarity, direct action, self-management and direct democracy.