Independence Day (Andany)

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At 8:30 AM AST on July 25, 2017, Pablo Macias declared independence from Italy as the Principality of Andany. Unanimously, Pablo Macias was crowned as the Prince of Andany shortly after. A Declaration of Independence was sent in paper form and by email to the Italian Government. No response has come back so far. The Prince was on holiday when Andany declared Independence. An Instagram post was made on the founding of Andany. While the Prince was on holiday in Mexico, many people greeted him in Puerto Vallarta and other cities, including his birth city. 95% of the people the Prince met actually thought that Andany was a sovereign nation; in a form, it is. Some said that he was young, but qualified. Only 2% disagrees that he wasn’t qualified, as the entire voting amount was ~500 citizens of the Prince’s birth city.