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Reason for deletion request - Varconia doesn't have much reason to be remembered. I don't think anyone would be bothered if this page disappeared, and frankly I wouldn't be.

Imperial Republic of Varconia
The Fruity Triune.pngVarconia COA.png

Est tanti facere ius (Latin: It's worth doing right)
LOG-O-TYPE by Shogo Sakai
"Chatahoochee" in Georgia, United States
Capital city Mainland
Official language(s) English, Varconian
Recognised languages French
Short name Varconia
Demonym Varconian
- Grande Harper I
Legislature The People's Say
Established 12019 (2019 on Gregorian Calendars)
Area claimed 1 in³
Population 2 citizens, 2 residents
Time zone Kaloka Varconia Time [KVT]; UTC-04:30 + Holocene Calendar
National dish Alfredo Pizza
National drink Eggnog
National animal Eastern Cottontail Rabbit

Government Website

The Imperial Republic of Varconia, also known as simply Varconia, was a micronation in the southeastern United States, more specifically Georgia. It seceded on June 10, 12019 and dissolved on September 2 of the same year.



A year or two before Varconia was declared, the soon-to-be founder of Varconia discovered the micronationalist movement through the Republic of Molossia's website. After reading up on a handful of other micronations, he realized that he wanted to, and could, create one of his own. Over the years, he heard seen so many young people's strong desire to make an impact on their government, seen too many rallies turn out fruitless and ignored, and even come to terms with his own unfulfilled desperation to bring positive change to the United States of America. The idea of not just ruling a nation, but one where everyone has a voice and can bring their ideas to the government; it made him feel fresh and excited. He now had a goal in mind, but there was one burning question left to answer - what should he name his micronation?

For a few months, he tried launching his micronation project with a group of horrible names he now regrets. In private conversations, he noted that he got closest to declaring independence as the Republic of Chocomarina. Besides a few sketches of potential flag designs, however, nothing came of his project before the year 12019, when the perfect name came to him on a late June night.

Declaring Independence

Staying up until midnight on June 9th, 12019 may have been the most important step towards Varconia's existence, besides the declaration of independence on the next day. The very-soon-to-be founder had been having some of his best ideas in the middle of the night for a while, which was both a blessing and a curse, considering he often had to get out of bed all tired and whatnot so he could write down his ideas. June 9th was different. Sure, he got up and wrote down his idea, as always, but he didn't even have to. The next morning he sprang out of bed, remembering the word that had come to mind the previous night. His first word that day was, "Varconia!"

After making breakfast and tidying up, he got to work on the first lawbook of Varconia. By taking the barebones Chocomarina constitution and sprucing it up as much as he could in a day, he was able to complete the entirety of what he felt was the necessary components of a lawbook. At around 6PM KVT, he signed a short and sweet declaration of independence, taking an amethyst gifted to him by his grandfather as a land claim rather than any static land, which was unavailable to him at the time. With that, the Imperial Republic of Varconia was born and the new Grande took the name of Harper the first. The following day, Grande Harper decided to give Varconia a web presence. He decided to just make a website (made on the Wix platform) and a MicroWiki page, as he felt that it's all that is needed.


After after a short visit from the VMO, Varconian growth slowed to a crawl for many weeks. Relations with the Star Kingdom began negotiation on July 15th, but were slow. Relations with Obscurium began on July 26th, and went surprisingly fast considering President Zar Antonov had just returned from Microcon 12019. On August 18th, the Obscurium parliament was discussing the terms of the agreement, and President Zar had finished a coat of arms previously ordered by Grande Harper. On August 26th, exactly a month since relation discussion had began, Harper and Zar signed the treaty, which officially started relations between the two nations. On August 27th, Grande Harper declared support for the Hong Kong protesters, and declared that Varconia recognizes Hong Kong as an independent nation.

On September 2nd, Grande Harper dissolved the nation seemingly out of nowhere, citing school and writing a new constitution as being overwhelming. With that, Harper returned to his "boring Chatahoochee life", and Varconia became another blip in the radar that is micronationalism.

Politics & Government

Foreign Relations

Before dissolution, Varconian foreign relations included the Republic of Molossia (informal), Kingdom of Ruritania (informal), Star Kingdom (formal) and United Republic of Obscurium (formal).

Major Organizations


On June 17, 12019, Varconia became the member of the International Organisation of Micronational Cooperation, an organization run by the Empire of Lehmark. On July 8, 12019, Varconia was appointed a permanent member of the security council. Varconia had already been planning on leaving the IOOMC before the dissolution, as it was planned to merge with another micronation called Wikonga, and then disassociate with all organizations to rediscover the national identity.


Mainland Flag.png Mainland

Grande Harper made a flag for the mainland of Varconia, in the event that Varconia gained provinces, which had apparently almost happened once or twice before.


The economy of Varconia's main planned export was food containing rare and unusual ingredients. According to Amendment 2 of the original constitution, about ⅘ of all crops grown and sold within Varconia were required to be abnormal varieties in order to support genetic diversity, something many modern farms lack. According to the now-defucnt Varconian news blog, the first crop planned to be grown within the country is maiz morado corn, which is often found in South America and can cooked, eaten raw and used as dye among other things.


Varconia has a news blog on its website. As of August 27, 12019, ten posts have been made. Of them, three have been "Let's Talk" articles. The website describes them as quote, "...special articles in which Grande Harper personally explains the interesting happenings in Varconia." They have been compared to blog posts, which they resemble more than news articles.