Imperial Procurator of Justice

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IPJStandard.jpg Imperial Procurator of Justice IPJCrest.jpg
Matthew James
since April 6, 2009
Style His/Her Honour The Imperial Procurator of Justice
Appointer Council of Three
Emperor's approval
Formation: September 19 2006
Term length: Usually life tenure
Inaugural holder: Matthew James
April 6, 2009

The Imperial Procurator of Justice is the chief prosecuting Officer of the Empire, and is responsible for the prosecution of Offenders against Imperial Law. The Office of Procurator is appointed by the Emperor, in discussion with the Council of Three. Other than their judicial functions, they are also responsible for the organisation of the coronation of the Emperor. They are counted among the High Officers of State, and the position is among the highest positions that a citizens can rise to. The position of Procurator is held usually for life, however the Emperor and the Council may strip the incumbent of the title at any point.

Rights and Duties of the Imperial Procurator of Justice

The Imperial Procurator of Justice (IPJ) is the chief prosecuting officer of the Empire and as one of the High Officers of State, they are permitted to, with Imperial Permission, arrest any Imperial Minister or Official, if it can be proven that they have committed a crime.

The IPJ is also responsible for the Coronation of the new Emperor, along with the Lord High Chancellor, and the elected citizen representative. The IPJ is ultimately responsible for the prosecution of offenders against Imperial Law and holds responsibility for ensuring that all Imperial Governmental Offices are executed with honour and without corruption.


The incumbent Imperial Procurator of Justice is King Matthew of the House of James. Lord Matthew has been serving as Procurator for eight months now. He is a skilled actor and musician, playing the saxophone to a very high standard. He also often sings in various choirs and frequently partakes in stage performances. He speaks English, French and German.