Imperial Passamaquoddy Flag Collection

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Imperial Passamaquoddy Flag Collection
IPFC Flag Damariscotta.png


Motto Exploration is Key
Established 2020
Advisor Otto Gillespie Birch
Type National Collection
Location Canton of Acadia
Mascot Turtle
Flag # 251
UN Recognized 119 out of 194
Yen Amount 10,360

The Imperial Passamaquoddy Flag Collection was established in the Summer of 2020 with the goal of sharing flags from around the world with citizens of the Principality of Misberia and Free State of Uris. The Lygonian Yen in the Free State of Uris is backed by the flag collection with the exchange rate being based on the amount of flags in the collection as the following exchange calculation as 15cm2 of flag equals 10 Lygonian Yen.


Type Number Notes
Recognized Nation
United Nations Member State 121 Belarus, San Marino, Zambia, France, Iran, Gabon, Bosnia and Herzegovina
Defunct Macronation 17 Qing China, USSR, Saddam Hussein Iraq, Islamic State of Afghanistan
Miscellaneous Macronation 41 Ukrainian Presidential Standard, Tibet, Cook Islands, Free Syrian Army
Active Micronation 12 State of Sandus, Kingdom of Hrafnarfjall, Kingdom of Aspen, Empire of Adammia
Defunct Micronation 20 Principality of Hutt River, Kingdom of Matachewan, United Kingdoms of Misberia and Caloudonum
Miscellaneous 40 United Nations, Gadsden, Discord Scout Troop, NAVA Member