Imperial Lines

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Imperial Lines
Imperial Lines Logo.png
Founded December 2013
Hubs Athens International Airport "El. Venizelos" (proposed)
Member lounge Imperial Lounge
Fleet size 2+1
Destinations 5
Slogan Your ticket to the world
Parent company Independent
Headquarters Agiopolis, Mouzilo, Ashukovo

Imperial Lines, formerly known as Impairial Lines (a play on words between "Imperial" and "air"), is Ashukovo's proposed flag carrier. Originally created as a project for Mouzilo in 2013, the idea later evolved to becoming a potential airline passenger carrier for the whole of Ashukovo. The currently proposed destinations are 5, which will be served by a fleet of 2 aircrafts. Additionally, a 3rd aircraft will serve as a carrier for the Tsar and other government officials.


Being a proposed airline, "Imperial" has presently no aircrafts. However, the Board of Directors has calculated the cost of the proposed fleet to be around 30.500.000 US Dollars or 17.385.000 Ashukov Denars.

The proposed airplanes are:

Imperial Lines Fleet
Aircraft Name Orders Artist's impression of the aircraft
Boeing BBJ Air Force One

Note: Unlike most countries, Ashukovo's head of state carrier is operated by the airline, not the Air Force.

1 AshukovAF1.png
Hawker Beechkcraft 800A Imperial 2 1 IL Hawker Beechcraft.png
Bombardier CL850 Imperial Lux 1 IL Bombardier CL850.png


The proposed destinations of Imperial from Athens International Airport, are:

  • Paris, France
  • London, United Kingdom
  • Kalamazoo/Battle Creek, MI, United States
  • St. George, St. George Mouzilo
  • Moscow, Russian Federation