Imperial Knights of Dharmapala

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Imperial Knights of Dharmapala
Motto: Sangha, Dharma, Buddha.
Official website
Founder(s): F. Andersson
Leader(s): F. Andersson
Date of foundation: September 20, 2010
Type or organisation: Semi-militant

Imperial Knights of Dharmapala (also known as Order of Dharmapala) is a ashoki semi-militant Buddhist order. The order's main purpose is to defend the Exilarchy of Ashoka and its leaders against both internal and external threats as well as protect the ideas and philosophies of the Dharma. The order was founded on September 20, 2010 by F. Andersson, the current Tribune of Foreign Affairs and High Elder of the Order.



Although all members of the order is most commonly referred to simply as knight there are several ranks within the order.

  • High Elder Knight

The High Elders are the leaders of the entire order.

  • Elder Knight

The Elders form the Brotherhood's ruling council. Individual Elders are occasionally leaders of localized factions of the order.

  • Knight Scribe/Protector

Knight Scribes and Knight Protectors are are knights whom have specialized in either perfecting the body (Knight Protector) or perfecting the intellect (Knight Scribe). All knights do however more or less done these two aspects.

  • Knight

Knights are responsible for collecting, preserving and defending Buddhist scriptures, ideas and philosophies. Based on service, experience and insight, the best Knights are promoted to Knight Scribe or Knight Protector.

  • Disciple Knight

Disciple Knights are Initiates which have completed basic training and move on to more advanced training.

  • Initiate Knight

Initiate is the lowest ranks in the order's rank system. It is the base rank of one who has only just been accepted into the order as a trainee. After completing initial training the initiate becomes a Disciple Knight.

Mission and Purpose

Preserving and writing Buddhist texts

One of the main purposes of the Imperial Knights of Dharmapala is to store and preserve Buddhist texts and literatures and protect them against potential threats. They more senior knihts, especially the Knight Scribes, do however also compose new texts and comments on older ones.

Defending the empire

The Imperial Knights of Dharmapala function as the empire's military, sworn to protect it's citizens, laws and leaders. They are sworn to never be the offensive part but always the defensive. However, sometimes the best defence is a good offence as the saying goes.

Defending human rights of free thought

The right of free thought is something most precious by the ashoki and is protected by not only the Imperial Knights of Dharmapala but also the Constitution of Exilarchy of Ashoka. The Imperial Knights believes this to be essential on the path towards enlightenment and essential to creating a better world.

Restoring the Dharma

Some within the order believes the Buddhist teachings of today to be corrupt. They believe that the teachings must be cleansed and restored to its origins without the cultural traditions that have been bestowed upon them.



The Imperial Knights of Dharmapala was founded on September 20, 2010 by F. Andersson, the current Tribune of Foreign Affairs and High Elder of the Order.