Imperial Kermit Empire

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Imperial Kermit Empire
Flag of the imperial kermit empire.jpg
Shield of the empire.png
Coat of arms
Motto: If You Need Us We'll Be There
Anthem: Heil dir Im Siegerkranz
Map of the IKE.png
Palm Harbor, United States
and largest city
Kaiser City
Official languagesGerman,English
GovernmentConstitutional Monarchy
• Prime Minister
Dylan C.Valenti
• Kaiser
Kaiser Gomez l
EstablishmentMay 27th, 2021
• (as of 2021 census) census
CurrencyThe Kersmark
Time zone(ETZ)
This nation is a member of the Empire Of Designed Kermits

The The Imperial Kermit Empire, Was a micronation located in Palm Harbor, Florida. It was founded on 27 May 2021 and developed rapidly thereafter. The Empire claimed a large land mass from Florida to Illinois and had sent a declaration of war to the Republic of Benjastan.


The name "Kermit Toppat" originated with a group of friends, The Kermit Toppat Clan. A civil war would occur between the Kermit Toppat Clan and a Neo-Nazi group called "The Kratzis". The war lasted a total of two months before Kurher Dylan Valenti of the Kratzis surrendered. Now the Kratzis are a minor political party within the IKE and their leader Dylan returned to the Kermit Toppat Clan.


The Imperial Kermit Empire was founded on 27 May 2021 and was based on a democratic system until Corbin Gomez and Dylan Valenti created the "Imperialist" system(essentially a constitutional monarchy). On 29 May when war was declared on Benjastan, the IKE claimed "We are coming to stop this evil Pickleist regime from taking over the world.". The popular ideology of "Pickleism" is a form of moderate socialism, which the IKE believes "…should never lay or be on this earth." Martial Law was instated to kick Kaiser Pico 1 out of power due to his fascist sounding ideas. Kaiser Gomez 1 Was able to keep his crown. The country is now military guarded so you must stay back.The Country, After Being Mostly Forgotten, Dissolved On The 29th Of August, 2021. Former Prime Minister Dylan C.Valenti Announced This As Permanent As He Was Getting More Into American Politics. He Is Now Focusing On Making A Confederate Political Party.

Politics and government

The Parliament was elected each year and has a total of twenty-nine seats, along with three Parties: The Imperialist Party of the IKE, The Socialist Party Of The IKE, and The New Order. The Parliament mad laws by voting, which are then given to both Kaisers for certification.

Law and order

The Judicial System of the IKE ran without the right to a lawyer due to the Prime Minister's words: "The defendant shall not have a lawyer under any circumstances".. This means that one will be found guilty of a crime if suspected of it. Murder is punishable by immediate death without trial. The charge for treason results in life imprisonment.

Foreign relations

The Empire was at war with the Democratic Republic of Benjastan. It also wanted to establish an alliance with The Conch Republic due to its large population. In addition, the Empire had declared war on the Republic of Molossia and was justifying war against the Dominion of British West Florida.


The Kermit Armed Forces was the defensive and offensive arm of the IKE government. The KAF planed to amass a grand total of three hundred soldiers, though this plan was in the logistics planning stage. There was no Navy due to the lack of large bodies of water. The Air Force was never completed, but plans on obtaining vehicles for the battlefield. The Armed Forces were led by Ethier the Commitsar; during war they are led by Ethan R. Growe, the Prime Minister Dylan C. Valenti, or the two Kaisers.

Geography and climate

The white tailed deer.jpg

The Empire's climate was one of hot summers and cold winters. The abundant white-tailed deer was the national animal and can be seen throughout the Empire, in addition to the national bird, the pileated woodpecker. According to the Empire, they possessed redwood trees which they use for lumber.


The economy was powered by the Kersmark. The Kersmark was the National Currency and is equal to .88 cents of a U.S dollar. The Banker, Filip, monitors the money at all times. There are no banks, as Filip was in charge of the currency.

Culture and media

The Empire practiced Spanish, Italian, and German customs. News Was announced through the Youtube channel "The Kermit Toppat Clan".

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