Imperial Commonwealths of Lilylandia

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Imperial Commonwealths
Intermicronational organisation
Imperial Commonwealths.png

Headquarters Rondon

Official language English.

Membership 5 Full Members

Head of State Maximilian I
Vice-Chairman Lily I
Supreme Justice Winston P. Koala

Foundation 19 May 2018

The Imperial Commonwealths of Lilylandia is the Imperial governing body over Lilylandia's Commonwealths. It was officially charted/founded on 19 May 2018. The Imperial Commonwealths currently hold 5 member nations which include, Prechise, Samu, Charliya, Brendle, Gibsonia, and Hesse

Early roots

In the beginning of Roxy I's reign as Sovereign of Lilylandia, she wished to recreate the German Empire under her own rule. She began to set out on reviving old micronations by giving them supplies and then claiming them as commonwealths. She continued to do this up until her death in 2017.


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