Ikonian Secretary of Treasury

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Secretary of the Treasury of the

Kingdom of Ikonia

Secretary Troy Koehler
since 21 October 2018
Style Mr. Secretary
Reports to Cameron Koehler, King of Ikonia
Appointer Cameron Koehler, King of Ikonia
Term length At His Majesty's pleasure
First holder Troy Koehler
Salary K100
Website Treasury

The Secretary of the Treasury is the head of the Treasury of Ikonia which is concerned with financial and monetary matters, and is also included in several federal law enforcement agencies. This position in the absolute government of the Ikonia is analogous to the Minister of Finance in many other countries. The Secretary of the Treasury is appointed by the King.

Powers and functions

The Secretary must confirm Kyro bills before they can become legal tender. The Secretary also manages the government funds to new agencies, etc.

Kyro's money created the Armed Forces of Ikonia and the branches within it.

The salary of the Secretary of the Treasury is K100 annually.

List of Secretaries of the Treasury


      Republican (1)

No. Portrait Name Took office Left office
Troy Koehler October 21, 2018 Incumbent