ICON Cover Competition 2018

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The ICON Cover Competition 2018 was the first edition of the ICON Cover Competition. It took place in September 2018, with 6 micronations competing. The winner of the ICON Cover Competition was the Democratic Republic of Kaion


The first ever ICON Cover Competition will take place in Jyilzyem, Republic of Aenderia, because the ICON Cover Competition was formed in the Republic of Aenderia and their official offices are located in Jyilzyem and Noyan.

The official contest will be conducted online with the online venue being "Vega Stadium" in Jyilzyem. The event will be broadcast live on the official ICON Cover Competition YouTube channel.


These are the current micronations participating in the ICON Cover Competition 2018:

ICON Cover Competition 2018
Final date 8 September 2018
Host Republic of Aenderia
Venue Vega Stadium, Jyilzyem
Winning song DROK.svg Kaion
Voting system
Each country awards 18, 12, 6 and 2 points to each micronation (of their choice) and the micronation with the most points wins.
Number of entries 6
Debuting countries AenderiaFlag.png Aenderia
DROK.svg Kaion
New Nerdystan.png New Nerdystan
PaxlandicFlag.png Paxland
Flag of Fyrinia.png Fyrinia
Withdrawing countries N/A
Table key
  Second place
  Last place

Micronation Contestant Song Language Final Position Points
Name Original
1 AenderiaFlag.png Aenderia RussG Flame Is Burning Julia Samoylova English 2 30
2 DROK.svg Kaion Polskaei Katyusha Unknown English 1 32
3 New Nerdystan.png New Nerdystan Maly Ogorek Take Me Home, Country Roads John Denver English 4 14
4 PaxlandicFlag.png Paxland King Cooper Narceus The Peace Within King Cooper Narceus English 6 2
5 Flag of Fyrinia.png Fyrinia Lukas Eternity Yianna Terzi English 2 30
6 KMV2.png Mekniy Prdusa boraYo Prdusa Nissiian 3 18

Points Awarded

Micronation Aenderia Fyrinia Kaion Mekniy New Nerdystan Paxland
Aenderia 0 18 12 6 2 0
Fyrinia Absent During Voting
Kaion 18 2 0 6 12 0
Mekniy Absent During Voting
New Nerdystan 12 0 18 6 0 2
Paxland Absent During Voting


The ICON Cover Competition will be broadcast by:

  • ABS (Aenderian Broadcasting System)
  • ICON Cover Competition YouTube Channel (LIVE)

Kaion and the Rejection to host the 2019 ICON Cover Competition

While Kaion won the ICON Cover Compeition it would soon announce that it would no longer host it and would leave the ICON Cover Competition as a whole due to events in aenderia at the time and other reasons.


This is the list of countries that denied to participate in ICON Cover Competition.