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Hyladia.jpgHyladia emblem.png

No succes without failure
Capital cityPalista
Largest cityPalista
Official language(s)English Italian and Russian
Official religion(s)Buhdist
- PreimerNone apointed
- Prime ministerJoseph Traill
EstablishedNovember 15th 2011
Area claimed.5km² estimated
CurrencyCdn Dollar
Time zonePST (Pasific Standard Time)
National drinkMolson
National animalMoose


Hyladia is a micronation founded on November 15, 2011 in Victoria British Colombia Canada.


Hyladia was founded by Joseph Traill on the 15th of November 2011. Joseph was inspired by The Republic Of Molossia, and decided to make his own micronation. On the 20th of novemeber 2011 the finall flag of Hyladia was created after 3 diferent versions including: Vertical stripes of the hyladian colours (yellow, Blue and green)Horizontal stripes and Horizontal strypes with moose antlers. Until it became a dove escaping a keyhole colourd in the three colours of Hyladia.

Government and politics

Hyladia is a dictorial nation run completely by Prime Minister Traill. One day once Hyladia has the support and population ther will be a potition to see how many people would like to become a Democracy.

Law and order

Hyladia has strict rules against violence, though they do not believe in any death penalty or torture, Criminals no matter how low or high their crimes will be rehabilitated instead of imprissond. Hyladians dont believe locking criminals away will solve the problem, although repeating offenders will be locked away for life.

Foreign relations

Hyladia has diplomacy with the Beaulosagñe.


The Hyladian Forces were established on febuary 15 2012. The Hyladian secritary of defence Zackary Schmidt was put in charge of the Hyladian First Elite regiment. Though Hyladia is peacefull they have a military for peace keeping and defence purpose only. Hyladia never wishes to enter into any signifigant conflict.

Geography and climate

All of Hyladia is located in victoria British Colombia Canada. Victoria is the capital of BC whish gives opertunity for comunication with the BC preimier if needed. Hyladian summers can get up to an average of 22 Celcius (72 Fahrenheit)and winters can get to an average of 1 Celcius (34 Faherenheit)


Hyladia is not currently independant which gives it issues having to feed off of BC's Economy. Which is why the Hyladian indepandance act was established on march 6th 2012 to get Hyladia to stand on its own.


The Hyladian culture takes much from England in the way of life, how things are enjoyed and what is enjoyed but they treat eachother like Canadians considering most Hyladians were once Canadian.


Hyladia is a massive producer of film entertainment. It has a number of films that were created within Hyladia.

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