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Hville Alvtsad

"If one man shall fall, I shall take his place."
National anthem of Example
Teslå, Falvia
Capital cityExampleville
Largest cityExampleville
Official language(s)English, Norwegian, German
Official religion(s)Non-religious
Short nameHville

Government website

Hville Alvstad is a king, artist, and entrepreneur from West Linn, Oregon, USA.


Hviile Alvtsad grew up as an only child while his sister was off in Tennesse. He saw her on very few occasions throughout the year. Nobody knows the exact age of Hville Alvtsad, but people estimate that his age is around 16 years old. After spending around 12 years in Oregon, he moved to Phoenix, Arizona, where he resides today.


Hville Alvstad started his music career in November 2018 and released his first single in December 2018. He says his work is inspired by Lil Baby, Ski Mask The Slump God, Lil Wayne, Jay Z, and Tory Lanzs. His Producer, KeyZ, who is a childhood friend of Hville, and rapper himself, makes the music to go along with Hville's lyrics.


He plans to create a Twitter and Instagram account when he gets enough fans.

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