Kingdom of Hvølksland

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Kingdom of Hvølksland (eng)
Kønarrÿk Hvølksland (hvl)

Hvolksland national flag.png
Hvolksland coat of arms.png
Coat of Arms

Official language(s) English, Hvølkslandish
(de facto, unofficial)
Demonym Hvølkslandish
Government Constitutional near-absolute monarchy
- Monarch His Excellency King Adam I
Established 16 July 2016
Area claimed 2 bedrooms
Population 1
Currency US Dollar (de facto, unofficial)
Time zone US Eastern Time (UTC-4)

The Kingdom of Hvølksland (Hvølkslandish: Kønarrÿk Hvølksland), also known more simply as Hvølksland, is a micronation located in the United States in southern New Hampshire founded on 16 July, 2016 by King Adam I (not to be confused with the monarch of the same name from Überstadt) who is the kingdom's current monarch.