Hudson Mountain Range

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Flag Map of Andany.png This article relates to the Principality of Andany. CoA Andany.png
Hudson Mountain Range
Chaîne de Montagnes d'Hudson (fr)
Cordillera de Hudson (es)

The Range from the Bay of Menditsua

Country Andanyflag.png Principality of Andany
State Floris Flag.png Floris Flag of Mendia.png Mendia

Highest point Hudson Peak
- Elevation 63.0936 m (207 ft)
Lowest point 2.67 m (8.76 ft)

Length 345 m (0.215 mi)
Area 0.010 km² (0.04 mi²)

The Hudson Mountain Range is a mountain chain spanning the length of the Gulf of Andany. It is inbetween Floris and Mendia. Also, it was turned into a Conservation Area with the "Hudson Agreement". The Andanian Revolutionary War mostly happened in the Hudson Mountain Range. It borders the Mediterranean Sea.