Republic of Howland

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Republic of Howland

Flag of Howland


Flag of New Ashuelot

Motto "Ago Solvo Vel Intereo"
Anthem "Blowin' In The Wind"
Official language(s) English
Population 10,630
Religion(s) Christian (75%)

Agnostic/ Spiritualist (25%)

Capitol New Ashuelot
Nation Title Republic
Government President Zachary S. Howland

Vice President Jimmy Howland
Secretary of the Treasury Leslie Hall
Foreign Affairs Aaron S. Howland

Established July 3, 2008 (Freedom Day)
Currency: US dollar ($)
Location North America | United States | New England | New Hampshire
Land Area unknown
Map of Nation Map


The Republic of Howland is a small nation based in the United States, surrounded by the State of New Hampshire. It is a relatively small nation, with it's borders within the town of Winchester and Marlborough, New Hampshire. Howland has developed a trade agreement with Winchester, Marlborough and Keene (the largest city in the region), but has yet to secure one with the New Hampshire or United States states government.


The Republic of Howland began as a small plot of land belonging to Zachary S. Howland and his parents. After years of public dissent to his political views and beliefs, and the federal governments constant attack on him through taxes and foreclosure, Zachary decided that seccesion was the only possible solution to alleviate his impending fate. He began to build walls around his property, much to the dissaproval of the town of Winchester, and within those walls, he planted gardens and even brought in a stock of cows and pigs. He then set about installing a self sufficient generator, and eventually had his own plumbing installed, disconnecting himself from the infrastrucure of the surrounding town. By June 12, 2008, Zachary S. Howland was completely self sufficient. On July 3, 2008, Zachary set forth a declaration of independence, known as, "The Howland Plan," and immediately withdrew his property, his assets, and himself from Winchester, New Hampshire, The United States. His withdrawal mainly went unoticed, until Zachary began bringing in locals to his new nation.


On July 4, 2008, a day after "The Howland Plan" came into affect, the Republic of Howland officially annexed the Kulicks Territory, and land on the banks of the Ashuelot River. The annexation surpisingly went without much say from the town of Winchester, and the residents of the area were pleased to find that most governing rules were simplistic and ideal for their individualistic beliefs. The Republic of Howland's economic status increased dramatically due to the supermarket, hardware store, and tattoo shop inside the borders of the newly claimed territory, and The Republic of Howland took it's first large step into the future of recognition.

National Assets

The following is a list of essential buildings, land, and infrastructure belonging to the Republic of Howland.


  • Warwick House (presidential home)
  • Kulicks Supermarket
  • Aubuchon Hardware
  • National Bank of Howland (formerly known as TD BankNorth)
  • Secret Lake Tattoo
  • Howland Liquour Store (formerly known as NH Liquor Store)
  • Third Base Hotdogs
  • Rite-Aid
  • The Cigarette Shop
  • J&G's Auto Service
  • Phat Stuff
  • A-1 Pizza

Land/Water and Territory


  • Rt. 10 (Manning Hill Rd.)
  • Rt. 78 (Warwick Rd.)
  • Rt. 119

-All routes noted above intersect within the borders of Howland.