Howetanese Military

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Howetanese Military
Howetanese Military Flag.png
Flag of the Army
Army of the Democratic Republic of Howe

Founded in late 2015

Reason Beale war
Ideologies No ideologies
Anthem: The Imperial March
Chairman: Michael Howe

Late 2015

Successor N/A
Supreme Commander: Michael Howe
Installed in office Late 2015
Successor N/A
SubCommanders N/A
AC Skovaji 1

The Howetanese Military was a small army of two active members that served the Democratic Republic of Howe and has never lost a war.


Beale War

The Beale War was a military engagement with Skovajan Anarcho-Communist State and resulted in a DRoH victory after a quick battle. The Howetanese Military had no losses. It was after this engagement that the Howetanese Military was officially formed as protection in the event of a second Beale War.