How To Start a Micronation: The Simple Way!

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Greetings fellow microfan(s)!

So, you have finally gathered enough bravery, and decided to start your own micronation.Cool!

But wait, you don't really know where to actually start from.If so, then welcome!

In this guide, i will show you how to start your own prototype nation and try to explain it as simply as i can!

So, not to keep you waiting, let's get right into it!

The Basics

Everything needs to start from somewhere.Time to put your thinking cap on for a bit.

First, you need to ask yourself these 3 basic questions:

1. Why am i starting this? - Are you doing it seriously? Is this just to try it out? An experiment maybe?

2. Will i have enough time? - You need to be sure if you will have enough time to spend on this project.You can't give up just a few days in!

3. Do i have extra cash to spend? - This one is sort of optional.You never really know when all kinds of expenses will come calling.

If you answered all of these questions, you are ready to move on!

Find Territory

Today, we live in a pretty available world.If you dig around just a bit, you will be really surprised at what you can find with a bit of effort.Millions of acres of land are sold every day! Saying that you don't have a chance of finding that perfect lot you need is like saying food is worthless, it's completely wrong! This where that extra cash you may or may not have comes into play.If you are considering to buy a lot, try digging around and find the perfect balance, a lot that is reasonably priced, has a decent amount of area, has available conncections to electricity, water and maybe even telephone lines.I, myself, have been searching for such a lot in my country, and i found one less than an hour from where i live! If i was lucky enough, i guarantee you will be too! Altough this may cost a pretty penny (plus construction costs if the lot is completely empty), if you are a kid, i got something else for you, and that's what the next step is for.

Use What You Already Have

If you don't have money to spend on a lot and construction(especially if you are a kid), use what you already have! Have a decently sized garden? That's fine! Your own room perhaps? That is also fine! Just because the word micronation has the suffix -nation in it, doesn't mean you need to have a large amount of territory.Take a look at the Republic of Balkonya.The entire nation is one balcony! So, don't discourage yourself! Being a micronation isn't a competition, it's a learning experience.

Establish Government

This is a step where most people get caught up in.This crucial to your nations function.Deciding the type of government impacts the style of ruling your nation.For starters, i would recommend the following styles of government:


Anarchy is a rather simple style of ruling.There is no government and authority, thus resulting in no rules and a completely free country! Sounds like a dream, right? Well, the bad thing is, you never really know when that dream will turn into a living nightmare.Living in anarchy means that anything is possible.No one says that stealing is forbidden, no one says that drug exchange is illegal and so on...If you plan to live in your anarchial micronation with a few people you know and respect, you could get by.I really don't recommend establishing an anarchy if you are inviting complete strangers into your nation.To get a good example of an anarchial style of ruling, see the famous Freetown Christiania.


Monarchy is basically a big step up from an anarchy.You've probably seen a monarchial style of ruling numerous times during history, TV shows and sometimes even cartoons! It's really common to see a micronation take form of an empire, kingdom, duchy etc. A monarchy is typically ruled by only one person: the King, the Queen, the Emperor or the Duke(male) or Duchess(female) and so on.When it comes to monarchial rule, all nation name prefixes are named after the rulers themselves:

1. King/Queen = Kingdom - Example nation: United Kingdom

2. Emperor/Empress = Empire - Example nation: All empires ceased to exist after World War I.

3. Duke/Duchess = Duchy - Example nation: All duchies mostly ceased to exist after World War I.

4. Archduke/Archduchess = Archduchy - Example nation: All archduchies ceased to exist after World War I.

5. Grand Duke/Grand Duchess = Grand Duchy - Example nation: Luxembourg

6. Prince/Princess = Principality - Example nation: Principality of Sealand

Typical monarchies don't respect peoples opinions and only rely on decisions of the royal family, but that is up to you.If you are making your first nation a monarchy, you have to be concious of your reputation as a ruler and have to watch out for any possible protesters that might assault you.Make sure to hire people as guards whenever you are planning to leave your throne and go somewhere else.If you got all of these things figured out, a monarchy may be the right style of ruling for you.


A democracy is sort of a freer monarchy.The ruler is still one person with multiple positions, the only difference is that things such as elections take place.An election is an event that usually happens every 4 years where people vote on who their next ruler should be.Now, the ruler is called a president instead of the many names listed above.The best example of a democracy is the cradle of democracy itself, the United States of America!

Setting up capital

It's common sense that every nation should have a capital.This is the place where you live as a ruler.From here, you do everything a ruler does: making laws, forming alliances, making all your decisions and all of that good stuff.However, if you have a monarchial style of rule, you should really consider reinforcing your capital from all possible sides to prevent raids and possible casualties.Technically, when it comes to micronations, any spot you as a ruler decide to stay at could be considered a capital.If you have the proper materials, you could even build a small cabin or shed and decorate it and that could be your official government building.But, as any of this, it's up to you to decide.

Enforcing laws

Unless you have an anarchy, making laws is essential to a good country.However, the more frightening the laws, less crimes are likely to be commited, but your total reputation may plummit.To prevent this, you have to be in the "golden middle".So basically, you can't be like Stalin and you can't be like Gandhi.A good form of punishment are usually fines.Of course, too large fines can bankrupt the person and too small fines can even encourage the person to commit more crimes.Another good, but a bit harsher way is a prison sentence.Altough a bit harsh, isolating a person from society for a few months and even a few years can either be life-improving or devestating to a person.Like every crime, it's up to you to decide how long your criminal should be serving the sentence, depending on the severity of the crime, of course.A good example list of possible punishments could be:

1. Small roberry = fined $500 to $1000

2. Typical roberry = fined $2000 to $3000

3. Big robbery = fined $5000 or more

4. Heavily injuring a person = serving a x day sentence

5. Murder of a single person = serving a x month sentence

6. Murder of multiple people = serving a multi-month sentence up to x years


To put it simply, a minister is a head of ministry.Each ministry serves a purpose in your nation.For example, a ministry of defense is ruled by the minister of defense and it's purpose is to defend your country and control your army.It's that simple.Now, you could make up a ministry for anything that is important for the function of your nation.I recommend putting your best friends as ministers of multiple things.However, there is a minister that overlooks all minstries:

That minister is called the prime minister.As i said, this guy should overlook every single minisitry to make sure everything is in balance and should guarantee that the nation is progressing forward instead of regressing backward.

A good nation should have the following ministries:

- Ministry of Defense - controls your military.

- Ministry of Education - controls your nation's schools.

- Ministry of Agriculture - controls food production.

- Ministry of Economy - controls your nation's money supply.


This is really optional.If you intend on having multiple cities, villages or towns, you should hire mayors.Basically, a mayor's job is to rule over a minor settlement and follows the rules of the nation's ruler.


My conclusion is: It's ultimately up to you.Search up Wikipedia and find something that fits you.To help you a bit more, here is a nice and simple graphical representation of some forms of governement:



This is the part that everybody loves.Time to decorate your country with all kinds of stuff.Time to put your creativity and imagination into play.

Flag and Emblem

A country is nothing without a flag and emblem .These two images eventually show your true "image".They describe your nation, tell the story of your nation even.

A typical flag shouldn't be just a random drawing that doesn't mean anything.Let the people know about your nation, it's values, it's true identity.

A good example is the flag of the United States: it's oftenly said that the 13 red and white stripes represent the original 13 colonies, and the 50 little white stars represent the current 50 states of the USA.

And as for the emblem, oftenly called the coat of arms could represent the nation itself, maybe the ruler itself or it's family.They also serve the same purpose as the flag.The coat of arms tells your nations true values represented by colors, and oftenly tells the motto of your nation.There are lots of unique emblems out there, who says your can't be unique as well?


Every nation has their own traditions, there is no question about it.A very big part of traditions are holidays.Now, since this is your nation, you don't need to stick to the already existing holidays.Make your own! Be creative with your national festivities, make it fun for the whole population.I am not going to go too much into this topic, since it's mainly up to you.


Your nation isn't going to get much bigger in terms of population if you don't make yourself known to the world.I highly recommend you make a website with free online tools such as Weebly and Wix.Just sign up and go! Make sure to add detail to the site, it's your nation's site afterall.I'm pretty sure nobody would like to stare at a blank white page with only text on it.Provide all the neccesary details people need to know about your nation.Lastly, make sure to update the site regularly when something happens in your nation.Nobody wants the same old boring news from a month ago!


That's it! Did you make it? But believe me, there is a lot more to micronations then you think there is.So, go ahead! Don't just stick to this article, go around the internet and search for more topics on micronations, i just covered the basics.Thank you and hopefully see you next time. Bye!

- Mark