House of Vlăsceanu

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House of Vlăsceanu
Coat of Arms of Vlasceanu.pngVodist Divellion.png
The Vlăsceanu Family Coat of Arms (up) and Ned Vodă's Divellion (down) both serve as symbols of the Vlăsceanu Dynasty.
CountryFlag of Vlasynia.png Vlasynian Despotate,
Kingdom of Romania in Sarandë Flag.png Kingdom of Romania in Sarandë,
Vlasynian Protectorate in Bucharest Flag.png Vlasynian Protectorate in Bucharest (Formerly),
Kingdom of North-East Bucharest Flag.png Kingdom of North-East Bucharest (Formerly),
Grand Principality of Paque Flag.png Grand Principality of Paque (Formerly),
Empire of Vlasynia-Dartiria Flag.png State Union (Empire) of Vlasynia-Dartiria (Joint House) (Formerly),
Empire of Enok Last Flag.png Empire of Enok (Formerly)
Parent houseVlăsceanu Family
TitlesDespot, Autocrat and Vodă of Vlasynia and its domains
King of Romania in Sarandë
Basileus of the East
Lord Protector in Bucharest (Formerly)
King of North-East Bucharest (Formerly)
Grand Prince of Paque (Formerly)
Emperor of Vlasynia-Dartiria (Joint Title) (Formerly)
Emperor of Enok (Formerly)
Current headHGM Ned I

The House of Vlăsceanu (Neo-Romanian Script: Kasa Vlăsĉeanu) (Romanian: Casa Vlăsceanu) was a Romanian royal house that ruled the Vlasynian Despotate for the entirety of its existence from 21 December 2017 to 01 August 2021. They also used to rule over the Kingdom of Romania in Sarandë, as well as the Vlasynian Protectorate in Bucharest, the Kingdom of North-East Bucharest, the Grand Principality of Paque, the Empire of Enok and the State Union (Empire) of Vlasynia-Dartiria, having been one of the two joint ruling dynasties of the latter. Its current head is Ned Vodă.

In mid-2019 it was discovered that the members of House Vlăsceanu and the Vlăsceanu Family have a decent amount of Greek and South Italian heritage and some North-West European heritage, with Despot Ned himself being almost 20% Greek and South Italian, as well as over 9% English.

On 01 August 2021, after the dissolution of the Vlasynian Despotate and the establishment of its successor state the Free City of Vodopol, the Vlăsceanu Family formally renounced its monarchical status as it is currently ruling over the aforementioned Free City.