House of Timpson

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Noble house
Country Baustralia
Place of origin England

The House of Timpson is a noble house within the Kingdom of Baustralia, and its realms. It was created by John I to replace the House of Caravaggio in anticipation of his death before any issue are born.

Family tree

Steve, 2nd Duke of CascadiaMarilou, Duchess of Cascadia
Jocelyn, Countess HoldertonChris, Earl HoldertonMatthew, Viscount TimpsonSir John TimpsonShannon, Baroness PasternakBrandon, Baron Pasternak
Samuel, Baron of Holderton


The Timpson family all bear similar achievements blazoned as the followed:

Per chevron argent and gules two lions rampant argent a tree arraché in base proper

Also, the wife's of the family bear dimidiated arms. It may be blazoned as such:

Marilou, Duchess of Cascadia
In lozenge party per pale argent the Arms of the House of Timpson (Per chevron argent and gules two lions rampant argent a tree arraché in base proper) dimidiated by with the Arms of the House of Colburn[1] (Argent on a chevron gules between three buglehorns sable stringed gules as many mullets pierced or)


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