House of Thomaz-Rocha

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House of Thomaz-Rocha
House of Thomaz-Rocha coat of arms
CountryKarniarutheniaflag.png Karnia-Ruthenia
957px-Flag Portugal (1830).svg.png Kingdom of Portugal
TitlesArchduke of Karnia
Prince of Ruthenia
Count of Burnay
FounderMonssu de la Roche
Current headArchduke Ari of Karnia
Founding13th century
Cadet branchesHouse of Götzö-Thomaz-Rocha

The House of Thomaz-Rocha is a noble family, macronationally connected to the Duchy of Athens and micronationally connected to the Kingdom of Ruthenia. A French family from Franche-Comtés.

The known origin of the family is their first record in the 13th century by the event of the Fourth Crusade. Monssu de la Roche, the youngest of three brothers, joined the Crusader efforts. The eldest of the brothers, Otto de la Roche, became the first Duke of Athens and the middle brother, even the name was taken by the time without having achieved anything noteworthy. Years after the end of the Fourth Crusade, the youngest of the brothers became a mercenary warrior in the service of the King of Portugal against Muslims in Algarve. Since then, a cyst crossed and made the Kingdom of Portugal his home, without having descendants who reached some fame as the older brother or himself.

The De la Roche family absorbed "Thomaz" about three centuries later, when a branch of the family, in the King of Portugal diplomatic service in Electorate of Saxony, found a Scottish exiled supporters of Reform, then chased by Mary I of England. In fact, the last name at the time was "McThomaz", with "Mc" deleted after the union of the two families, they would consider more Latin form "Thomaz-Rocha", to live in the Kingdom of Portugal, where the family reside and who dedicate his life to the Napoleonic invasion in 1807.

With the invasion, the family fled to Brazil, then the colony of Portugal. Once the colony and with the blessing of the House of Braganza, paved over the country and established what later became the Kingdom of Ruthenia, in northeastern Brazil. For a little over a century, the family would perform consanguineous marriages in order to preserve its history and its fortune; this last point, inefficient.

After the Karno-Ruthenian Compromise of 2016, the cadet branch of the House of Thomaz-Rocha, the House of Götzö-Thomaz-Rocha acquired imperial rank, and on 16 July 2016, had their titles established by Imperial and Royal Decree n. 34/2016, and from that moment on "His Imperial and Royal Highness, Archduke of Karnia and Prince of Ruthenia", but also abolishing the titles of Count Vincefort, Count of Rochen, Duke of Mainarque, Prince of Mainarque, Duke of Montfort and Prince of Montfort.