House of Stevenson

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The House of Stevenson is old house that first originated in the north of England but moved to cornwall in the late 18th century. Since then is has been involved in various businesses in the local area and been part of a lot of its history.

House of Stevenson
Stevenson Arms.png
Country Flag of Hy-Vu.png Principality of Hy-Vu
Titles Princess of Hy-Vu
Duke of Trevose
Founder William, Duke of Trevose
Current head William, Duke of Trevose
Founding year 2017


  • William, Duke of Trevose m Enid Ash

Notable Members

Duke of Trevose

Duke of Trevose.png

The current duke is William Stevenson. The duke is the father of Princess Cathryn. The dukedom currently has no heir and is expect to fall vacant when the duke dies and merge with the crown.

Princess of Hy-Vu

CoA of Cathryn, Sovereign Princess of Hy-Vu.png