House of Roscoe

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Australissian Royal Family
CountryUnified Royal States of Australis
Current regionWestern Australia, mainly the Unified Royal States of Australis
EtymologyRoscoe (Norse): "doe wood"
Place of originEnglish Midlands
FoundedJuly 10, 2020; 9 months ago (2020-07-10)
FounderHRH Daniel I
Current headHRH Daniel I
TitlesGrand Duke of Australis

Prince of Australis
Princess of Australis
Duke of Australis

Duchess of Australis
Style(s)His Royal Highness

Her Royal Highness
Duke of Amicitia

Duchess of Amicitia
Members6 (19 extended)
Estate(s)Unified Royal States of Australis

The House of Roscoe is the ruling house of the Unified Royal States of Australis. The house was founded in July of 2020 by Daniel Hamilton.