House of Richensland

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Richensland dynasty
Political family
Former royal dynasty
Current regionRichensland Province, Richensland
Place of originSingapore
FoundedAugust 13, 2020; 3 years ago (2020-08-13)
TitlesGuardian Leader of the Nation (More...)
Style(s)Supreme Overlord (More...)

The House of Richensland, formally known as the Richensland dynasty, is a political and former royal dynasty. It has dominated the politics of Richensland since the nation's establishment on 13 August 2020.

It was the royal dynasty of Richensland from 13 August 2020 to 25 December 2021, being in pretense after being overthrown to 25 December 2021, when they relinquished their claims to royalty but continued holding high political positions in the nation, making their presence everywhere in Richensland's political stage and because of that, the most influential family in the nation's politics.

The dynasty also briefly reigned in the Grand Duchy of Trimland.

Notable members

Notable members include:
Nyck Bradaten (2009-), current head of the house and current Guardian Leader as well as President of Richensland
Rifqi Hanif (2012-), former President of Richensland and Prime Minister of Richensland
Dhia Auni (2012-), current Chief Justice of Richensland
Ayden Shafiq (2013-), former acting Prime Minister of Richensland

Title (s)

Richensland dynasty
Founding year: 2020
Preceded by
None; first titleholder
Most influential family in Richenslandic politics
2020 - present
Preceded by
None; monarchy established
Ruling house of Richensland
None; monarchy abolished
Preceded by
None; monarchy established
Ruling house of Trimland
None; monarchy abolished