House of Koehler

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House of Koehler
Shield of arms of the Koehler family.svg
Coat of arms of the House of Koehler
Country Ikonia and other realms
Founded18 October 2018; 2 years ago (2018-10-18)
FounderCameron I
Current headCameron I

The House of Koehler is the reigning royal house in the Kingdom of Ikonia, and a noble house in other micronations. The current head of the House is Cameron I, the King of Ikonia. All those in the House of Koehler have royal status through blood or marriage, but no right of succession to the throne unless they are a sibling to the monarch or otherwise specified.


All members of the House are descendants or relatives of Dave Koehler. Currently, there are 4 living members of the House of Koehler.

Cadet branches

The House of Koehler currently has no cadet houses. However, an agreement was reached that upon the marriage of a sibling to the monarch, a cadet house will be formed.

Heraldic quartering of Cadet Branches

Shield of arms of the Koehler family.svg
Lord Koehler
Blank Lozenge.svg
Lady Doe
Arms of the House of Koehler (cadet template).png
Lord Koehler II