House of Fukoku

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House of Fukoku
Imperial Seal of Shurigawa.png
House Cest
Country Flag of Shurigawa.png Greater Shurigawan Empire
Rigawan Kingdom flag.png Rigawan Kingdom
Titles Emperor of Shurigawa
Emperess of Shurigawa
Queen of Rigawa
Current head Toshiko
Founding 26 October 2014
Ethnicity Shurigawan
The House of Fukoku , also called the Shurigawan Imperial Household, is the household of the Imperial State of Shurigawa consisting of the descendants of Shady Morsi, the founder of Shurigawa. is known by his reigning name; Toshiko.


Before the Shikaeshi War,Shurigawa dont have an offical dynasty. After the war,Shurigawa was Beiwanese and Shimyonese, after Shimyo left Shurigawa. The former prime minister of Shimyo. Shady Morsi declared himself as emperor.


The succession to the throne has generally passed in line of the imperial lineage. The Constitution of Shurigawa provides that "the Imperial Throne shall be dynastic and succeeded to in accordance with the Imperial Household Law passed by the Emperor.