House of David

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Country Oskonia
  • Norwegian
  • British
  • Irish
  • French
Place of origin Norway
Current headTucker I
  • King of Oskonia
  • Prince of Seaview
  • Marquess of Ridgeland
  • Marquess of Jackson

The House of David is the ruling family of the Kingdom of Oskonia. The current head of the house is Tucker I.


The House of David's biological heritage comes from Great Britain, Norway, Ireland, France, Germany, Sweden, Native Americans, and more. The immediate family of the King is half British, 30% Norwegian and 20% Irish.


The Royal House of David was established on 2 April 2021, when the Federal Kingdom of Starasia's form of government turned from a republic to a monarchy. The President at that time, Tucker Gladden, was declared the first monarch of the Royal House of David, ruling Starasia for 9 days as monarch. When Starasia was abolished on 11 April, Tucker was sure he wanted to establish a new micronation and make it a monarchy from the beginning. So, 7 days later, he established the Kingdom of Oskonia, which was the second micronation to be ruled by the Royal House of David.

Line of succession

  • Oscar Richard Gladden Jr. (1923 – 2016)
    • David Lee Gladden Sr. (b. 1950)
      • (2) HRH Lee, Prince Father (b. 1976)
      • Beth Kelly (b. 1973)
        • (3) Hunter Kelly (b. 2005)
        • (4) Hannah Kelly (b. 2005)
  • Dennis Warner (b. 1944)
    • (5) HRH Whitney, Queen Mother (b. 1976)
    • Rip Warner (b. Unknown)
    • Dane Warner (b. Unknown)


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