House of Commons (Zealandia)

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The House of Commons of the Kingdom of Zealandia
Coat of arms or logo
Lower House
HM Queen Astrid
Last election
27 December 2010
¹Includes Speaker of the House.

The House of Commons of The Kingdom of Zealandia was the Lower House of The Parliament of the Kingdom of Zealandia. All bills originated from the House. The way the House of Commons operated was a blend of The UK House of Commons, New South Wales Legislative Assembly and New Zealand Parliament's Rules and Regulations.


All Members were entitled to add the post nominal's MHC to their name.

Party Type of Party Number of seats on the HoC Head of the Party
Social Democratic Party Majority Party (Government)


Rt.Hon S. Von Linden MHC
National Peoples Party Oppostion 8 Rt.Hon M. Fowler MHC

The Monarch may also speak and vote in the House of Commons, although they rarely did so. Since the 9th of August 2010 Queen Astrid had been the speaker due to the resignation of the former Speaker Sir Caleb Wilson MHC OWC.

Meeting Place

The House of Commons of the Kingdom of Zealandia met online and in various physical locations.

House of Commons Seating Plan


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