House of Commons (Australis)

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House of Commons

Huis van Gemeentes
Australissian Government
Term limits
Founded2 December 2020
Speaker of the House
Prime Minister
Rory McPhail
Leader of Opposition
Length of term
Six months
Preferential voting
First election
23 January 2021
Next election
23 July 2021
Meeting place

The House of Commons is the one of the two chambers in Australis. It uses the Westminster system where the leader of the party or coalition with the most seats is the Prime Minister. Each state is granted two seats in the House of Commons and there is a national seat. All the seats are elected using preferential voting.



MP Party State/Province
Rory McPhail (Prime Minister) Australissian Loyalist Front Integritas
Isaiah David (Leader of Opposition) Conservative Party
Matt G (Speaker) Independent New Eiffel
Cristian Dobrev Liberal Democratic Party
James Bornstein Australissian Loyalist Front Amicitia
Tucker Gladden Conservative Party
ALF Majority
Conservative Opposition


The House of Common's is presided over by the Speaker of the House, Matt G. The Speaker of the House is nominated by the House at the beginning of the legislative term. The procedures that the house is run by were laid out by the first speaker TRH Daniel I in "The Rules of the House". This document can be expanded and revised by the current Speaker to fit current practices, as well as implement new regulations.

Members are required to request the floor from the Speaker if they wish to address the House (unless the Speaker has left the floor open for discussion).