House of Carnot

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House of Carnot
House of Carnot Simple Arms.png
CountryUnironic Empire
Parent houseMcGuires of Armstrong,
TitlesPrince Carnot
  • Emperor of Unironia
  • King of Monoea
  • Duke of Carnot-Crizopolis
  • Duke of Grooveed
  • King of Kilan
  • King of Istoria
FounderLloyd, 1st Prince Carnot
Current headBryant, 3rd Prince Carnot
Cadet branchesHouse of Carnot-Crizopolis
EthnicityIrish, English, German

The House of Carnot is a Unironic Princely House that is also is the holders of the the title Emperor of Unironia.

List of Blood Members by birth (1912-Present)

   *Llyod McGuire, 1st Prince Carnot (1912–1988)
   *Richard McGuire, 2nd Prince Carnot (1933–1996)
   *Peter Mcguire, 1st Duke of Carnot-Crizopolis, Prince of the Unironic Empire (1938–2016)
   *Robert McGuire, 2nd Duke of Carnot-Crizopolis, Grand Duke of the Unironic Empire  (1965–Present)
   *Elizabeth McGuire, Grand Duchess of the Unironic Empire (1968–Present)
   *Bryant McGuire, 3rd Prince Carnot (c.1966–Present)
   *Bradley McGuire, Grand Duke of the Unironic Empire (c.1968–Present)
   *Jacob Thomas McGuire (1997–Present)
   *Abigail McGuire, Grand Duchess of the Unironic Empire (2000–Present)
   *William McGuire, Emperor of Unironia  (2000–Present)
   *Delaney McGuire, Princess Imperial (2003–Present)


The House of Carnot was originally founded as a ruling house in 2011 to rule the Kingdom of Unironia, a very short lived state who`s legitimacy is being debated. The House of Carnot has ruled over several states in its rich history its most valuable moment was the Founding of the Unironic Empire which gave them the legitimacy of an Imperial Title

Under the Early Unironic Imperial Government the House of Carnot had somewhat limited power, but following Imperial Decree II which created the absolute monarchy that Unironia has today. the house had expanded their Imperial power in the current times to include thrones outside traditional Unironia including Kilan

the House of Carnot spearheaded by the Emperor of Unironia officially heads all of the lands of Unironia excluding Taeseuan Freestate which continues its postion of armed neutrality which it has held since the Monoean-Etownese War in 2012


Senior Line (Prince Carnot Line) This ranch of the House of Carnot is the senior branch of the house. Members of branch are all descendants of Richard, 2nd Prince Carnot.

Carnot-Crizopolis Branch

Members of this branch are all descendants of Peter, second son of Lloyd, 1st Prince Carnot. the leader of the branch is titled as Duke of Carnot-Crizopolis. This branch was differentiated from the Senior Branch in 2014 when the Emperor of Unironia decreed that his immediate family was to rule hereditary lands.


every member of the House of Carnot-Crizopolis with exception of Peter, Duke of Carnot-Crizopolis are non agnatic direct descendants through the House of Stone of Sir John Coo (1375–1425). Sir John was a member of the White Company, was a chief lieutenant and a close friend of Sir John Hawkwood. He fought at the Battle of Cascina in 1364. Sir John is the Emperor`s 18th Great-grandfather

The oldest known ancestor of every member of the House of Carnot through the wife of the progenitor (James McGuire 1787-1849) of the McGuire family (Anna Maria Kunkel). the ancestors name was Conrad Kunkel (1460–1503). Born in Main-Spessart, Duchy of Bavaria, not much is known about him except for that his descendants were a prominent family in Bern, Switzerland from the late 1500`s onward.