House of Astra

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House of Astra
Grande Brasão de Nossia.png
CountryFlag Nossia 2016.png Principality of Nossia
Bandeira da República de Palco.png Republic of Palco
Parent houseHouse of Astra e Lifre
House of Lifre
FounderH.S.H Carlo I
Current headH.SH Carlo I

The House of Astra, or sometimes referred to as the Sun Family, is the ruling house of the Principality of Nossia and of the Republic of Palco. The current head of the House of Astra is Carlo I, the Incumbent Sovereign Prince of the Nossians and President of the Serene Republic of Palco. All of those in the Line of Succession to the Throne of Nossia are members of the House through blood.