House of Cake

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House of Cake
Emplem Of The House Of Cake.jpg
Country Lundy Island, Netherlands
Parent house The Cole's Dynasty
  • King Of Lundy
  • Princess Of Lundy
  • Empress Of The Lundian Empire
  • Queen of Silva
Founding year Estimated 1925 Cole's Dynasty to 1929, House Of Cake 2012
Ethnicity British Portuguese Welsh Jamaican Romanian

After the death Martin Coles Harman (founder of Lundy), Lundy was left with no ruler or government, until in 2010 when Levi Newman claimed the throne of Lundy. However, it was only until 2012 when House of Cake was made, to establish a long lived claim. The members of the house are not related.


Cake was the only export of Lundy until it was discovered that the cakes where vile in taste, and it is a common feature in the the game portal, which is a favorite of King Levi and Princess Marta.

Illustrious Holders Of The Crown

  • King Levi Newman
  • Princess Marta Silvia
  • Duchess Alicia Maginley Wilson