House Jaax I

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House Jaax I
ministry of Iustus
Iustus House of Representatives Seal.png
Date formed 12 April 2018
People and organizations
Head of government Austin Jaax
No. of ministers 14
Member party Democratic-Socialist
Status in legislature Legislative Majority
Opposition party Iustian Environmentalist Party
Opposition leader Cooper Kiwi
Election(s) 2018 Iustian Federal Election
Legislature term(s) 2 June 2018
Previous The Iustian Provisional Government
Successor TBD

The House of Representatives under The Jaax I government changed a lot due to like in The Senate under Jaax I the fading out of the non serious and ones that never showed up to any Congress meeting, The House was closed on June 2 due to Province reorganization. The House Leader under Jaax I was Sierra Babado.

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