House Hold Civil War

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2013 House Hold Civil War
Date13 March-29 April 2013
  • Union win
  • Calling of the 2013 election
  • Baby Bear arrested and put in jail for 2 years
House Hold House Hold Airforce
Conservative Party
Kingdom of House Hold House Hold Military
Kingdom of House Hold Kingdom of House Hold
Labor Labor
Commanders and leaders
Gen. Baby Bear
Gen. Timothy Lawrence
House Hold Africa Elephant
House Hold MP Ewing
House Hold Gen. Cackling Goose
31 (Conservatives) and 15 (Air Force) 29 (Land Forces) and 10 (Long Island Forces)

On 13 March 2013, the southern rooms of the Livingroom, Playroom, and the Diningroom along with the House Hold Airforce, led by Conservative Party leader Sergio started a war for southern independence. The war resulted in a victory for the north.


At 2013 House Hold General Election the Labor Party won a Minority government largely on a campaign pace and cooperation, despite most polls projecting them to win a majority. One reason for the minority government was the fact that while in the north Green voters voted for the Labor Party while in the south they split 60 to 40 for the Conservatives according to the BNN exit poll.