House Eden of New Pyongyang

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House Eden of New Pyongyang
Royal standard
Valdslandic Royal Standard bearing the sigil of House Eden
CountryRealms of Valdsland
TitlesLord Executor of Valdsland
Lord Protector of Valdsland
Lord Protector of the City of New Pyongyang
Lord Protector of the Crimson Throne
King-in-Exile of Whestcorea
Knight Principalis of the Order of the Black Eagle
Lord Commander of the Valdslandic Imperial Militia
FounderHoratio (I) Eden
Current headHoratio (I) Eden

House Eden of New Pyongyang is the current ruling Noble House of the Realms of Valdsland. It is headed by its leader, Horatio (I) Eden, who is current Lord Executor of the country.

Its seat, the City of New Pyongyang, is the capital of the country, making the family both the ruling House and the Lord Protectorate of the City in and of itself (as well as of the country as a whole).

Lordly Houses sworn to House Eden

  • House Frisch (Heir to the Crimson Throne)
  • House Renwick
  • House Clark
  • House Saltborn
  • House Gunderson
  • House Nolon
  • House Clemens