Hougoumont Campaign

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Not to be confused with Hougoumont

Hougoumont Campaign
Date3 May 2020 – 6 May 2020

Hougoumont Coalition Victory

Treaty of Naun

RandomArmedForceslogo.png Randy's Waffen

Kingdom Of Johnny Land Updated flag.png Kingdom of Johnny Land

Fozmian Empire
Commanders and leaders
Newnatlinflag.png Jacob D. Deceuninckvancapelle
Faltree.png Hunt P.
RandomArmedForceslogo.png Randy Balsé
Kingdom Of Johnny Land Updated flag.png Johnny Lee
Kingdom Of Johnny Land Updated flag.png Thomas Allen jr.
Units involved
RandomArmedForceslogo.png Randy's Waffen
SOunitlogo.png Special Operations Unit
Too unorganized to mobilize any units
16 4

The Hougoumont Campaign was a micronational cyberwar conflict between Natlin and the majority of it's allied states against Johnny Land. The conflict lasted between 3 May until 6 May 2020 after the Treaty of Naun was signed.


Johnny's raid on Aeternia's Discord Server

Johnny Lee along with an unknown person had raided the official Aeternian Discord server, afterward, a video was created by Jacob D. showcasing the events that had just taken place prior. This video had driven Johnny Land to make an ultimatum demanding that Natlin along with its allied states were to be annexed by Johnny Land within a 24 hour time period, Natlin had promptly declined the demands.

Course of the conflict

Discord Server raids

After the 24 hours, Johnny Land had started to raid Discord servers belonging to the nations mentioned in the ultimatum. Most raids that were done by Johnny Lee resulted usually in failure with the exception of a raid on a fake Faltree discord server, where Evan Calies who was a spy for the Hougoumont Coalition, had pretended that the raid was "an absolute victory for Johnny Land." The raid was only done so that Calies could gain more trust with Johnny.

Cinco de Mayo Raid

Picture of the raid on the Offical Johnny Land Discord server

On 5 May 2020, Calies had obtained Administrative privileges in Johnny Land's main Discord server. At 8:52 PM EST, Calies allowed Hougoumont Coalition members in the server and had given them Administrative powers to destroy the server. The raid finally stopped at 9:16 PM EST, the raid completely demoralized the majority of Johnny Land's allies. This resulted in the Johnnean Dominion of Naun to side with the Hougoumont Coalition.

Johnny Land's Coalition collaspe

After the raid on Johnny Land's server, Allen had sided with the Hougomont Coalition. Lee did not cooperate during the peace negotiations, afterward, the Hougomant Coalition member states had officially recognized Allen as the new leader of Johnny Land so that he could sign the peace treaty to end the war.


Johnny Land was still considered it's own micronation by Johnny Lee, whereas all of the member-states of the Hougomont Coalition recognize Johnny Land as the Republic of Vöin. Eventually Johnny would dissolve his illegitimate state.