Hortanian general election, August 2017

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Hortanian general election, August 2017

Hortania Flag.png
← July 2017 18 August 2017 TBA →
Party Leader % Seats ±
BNP Lewis Bates Unknown 4 New
Fair and Just Ben Norris Unknown 1 +1
Republican Left Alexei Janiszewski Unknown 1 0
Independent None Unknown 1 +1
This lists parties that won seats. See the complete results below.
Prime Minister before Template:Delink after
Vaughan Smith
Ben Norris
Fair and Just

Election was held in Hortania on 18 August 2017.


The Idealist Party and Fair and Just Party decided to establish a grand coalition. Ben Norris, leader of the Fair and Just Party, was chosen to serve as Prime Minister. Ned NG of the Idealist Party soon later became a Independent MP.

Party Candidates Seats ±
Idealist Party New 2 2
Fair and Just Party 2
Party of Hortanian Left 0
Independent 1