Horrible (manner of address)

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Aidan McGrath, the first person to hold the title of The Horrible.

The Horrible (abbreviation TH, oral address Your Horribleness) is a formal style used to address (in second person) or refer to (in third person) persons who have committed high treason in Baustralia and Ikonia. It is typically used with a possessive adjective: "The Horrible".

It has only been used once, given to Aidan McGrath by both Crowns for his part in the attempt to eliminate Baustralia, and the creation of Southern Kapresh Commonwealth. His Baustralian uniforms and medals were burned, his Baustralian pension was paid out to the Lord High Treasurer, and his peerage titles were revoked. In Ikonia, all his medals were revoked, same with his Dukedom, his Diaconus banner was set ablaze outside Uvenia.

Persons using the style "The Horrible"
Name Date Country
Aidan McGrath 6 April 2019 – 27 May 2019  Baustralia
Mecca Thompson 22 April 2020 –  Baustralia
Ella Parker 22 April 2020 –  Baustralia