Home province (Libertas)

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Home Province
Home province shown in light blue within Libertas
Motto: "The heart and soul of the nation!"
The main commercial center.
 - Governor Harry Fitzpatrick
 - Total 0.0238 km2 (0 sq mi)
Population (2011)
 - Total 5
 - Density 210/km2 (543.9/sq mi)
Time zone UTC

Home province is currently the administrative centre of Libertas, and contains the capital Greater Libertas, the province has half of the Libertasian commercial zone within its borders, (the rest being in the large northern province)


Home province,was the original creation point for Monovia (a previous incarnation of Libertas) and is there for a very important historical place for Libertasian citizens. Although many argue that there is more historical value in the Great Southern Province, as that the place of numerous battles and speeches, as well as being the de facto capital for Monovia.


Most Libertasian residents shop in this province, as it contains the most busy region of the Libertasian commercial centre. It contains numerous small shops along its central road. It also contains a small residential street were the presidential palace is located.