Holy Roman Empire

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Holy Roman Empire

Roma est imperare orbi universo
gott erhalte gott beschütze
Netherlands and United States
Official language(s) Dutch, English, German, Afrikaans
Official religion(s) Christianity
Government Confederal Monarchy
- Holy Roman Emperor Quentin of Wyvern
- Imperial Chancellor Bradley of Dullahan
Legislature Imperial Diet
- Type - Unicameral
Established 25 December 800
Population 66
Currency Various
Time zone (UTC +1)
National animal Eagle

The Holy Roman Empire (Latin: Sacrum Romanum Imperium) is a multi-ethnic complex of territories that developed during the Early Middle Ages. The Empire saw its dissolution in 1806 and its revival under Emperor Quentin in 2014.

Imperial Diet

The Imperial Diet of the Holy Roman Empire is the legislative gathering of its member states, presided over by the Emperor.

The member states of the Holy Roman Empire can request a Diet to be held if they deem that a decision must be made which can only be made by the Diet or if there is information that comes to light of which the Diet must be informed.


As of 2017, of the 66 Holy Roman subjects, 40.9% were Wyvernians, 34.8% were Natalian, 21.2% were Montanian, and 3.0% were Clevelandic.

Imperial Estates

The following nations are member states of the Holy Roman Empire and thus are Imperial Estates of the Empire: