Holy Republic of the Black Robe

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History and The Found The Founder of the Holy Republic of the Black Robe is the enigmatic Consul Romanicus. His full title is "His Excellency Consul Romanicus, Destroyer of Progress". Personality and Politically, The Founder is a calm and collected yet very extreme individual, perhaps more extreme than most. Not much is known about Consul Romanicus' personal life, but it is believed that he hides ulterior motives and seeks to subvert everything he can influence. Below is the Supposed Appearance of The Founder.

The Holy Republic was founded long before its appearance in the Micronation.org Forum according to its founder Consul Romanicus. The origins of the Holy Republic is kept a secret to protect its National Security from Subversive elements.

The Flag The Flag of the Holy Republic of the Black Robe consist of a large center Black Stripe surrounded by thin white stripes and the top and bottom portion being violet stripes. The Center symbol of the Holy Republic is a violet Crusader Cross with a black border within a white circle that has a violet border.

Religion and Ideology Roman Catholicism The Holy Republic proclaims Traditional Roman Catholicism as it's state religion and enforces this rule strictly. Ironically the Holy Republic, though very Catholic, is at odds with the Church Hierarchy at times. This is because the Holy Republic perceives the church hierarchy as being too liberal since the Second Vatican Council. The Holy Republic does not reject the Second Vatican Council for that would be heresy, but it only criticizes its effectiveness.

Authoritarianism and Expansionism

In terms of ideology, the Holy Republic can be described as nothing more but Authoritarian. Though it relates to Fascism, the Holy Republic cannot properly be described as Fascist even if it would most likely be allies with them. Fascism has elements of a National Identity based on an existing culture while the Holy Republic is purely Theocratic and Mystical. The Holy Republic is a self-perpetuating Micronation who strives to expand its territory as much as conceivably possible and subject all people into its religious worldview and removed enemies of the state. Unlike belligerent Militarist, the Holy Republic does this through subversion instead of war.

Eschatology and Revenant Regime Esoteric Mysticism

The Holy Republic's desire for Expansionism and Authoritarian control is related to its unique brand of Esoteric Mysticism.

Crusader Eschatology: The Holy Republic of the Black Robe believes that it must sustain itself and exist until the end days in Judgement Day. When Jesus Christ, the Son of God and the Messiah, returns in his Second Coming, the Holy Republic strives to be one of many Nations to oppose the Anti-Christ. No man nor angel knows the hour so the Holy Republic must continue to exist to share in this final victory against evil. Hence, the Holy Republic must expand and control as much territory and wealth in order to prepare for the day of reckoning.

The Black Robe: The mysterious second half of the Holy Republic's official name denotes the Religious and Mystical Elite of the Holy Republic. The Black Robe is the Sovereign Body of Citizens of the Holy Republic. Citizenship in the Holy Republic is a privilege, a responsibility, and is not a right. As the name suggest Citizens of the Holy Republic wear a Black Robe that mimics the Cassock worn by Roman Catholic Priest. The Black Robe itself is double breasted with a violet fascia and with a violet collar instead of a clerical collar. The Citizen wears a mask, which mimics surgical mask, and black welding goggles, with violet lenses, that cover their eyes and face. The Unique hat of the Black Robe is a Peaked cap, which bears the Holy Republic's Crusader Cross, with a steel spike on top. To be a Citizen one must be: Male, Devout Roman Catholic, Posses an Authoritarian Personality, be Puritanical in Moral Behavior, and have a Fanatic Patriot of the Holy Republic who has a Single Minded goal to fulfill its purpose. The only way to become a citizen is to pass Indoctrination which would take months to years of proper reeducation.

Revenant Regime: The Revenant Regime is a mystical concept of the Holy Republic founded by Consul Romanicus. The Revenant Regime is the hypothetical government that strives to avenge the death of Christendom from the values and Revolutions of the Age of Enlightenment. The Revenant Regimes gets its name from the mythical creatures that returns from the dead to take revenge on its killer. The Holy Republic is this Revenant Regime, this makes the Holy Republic extremely illiberal and Anti-Revolutionary. If the Holy Republic where to die someday in the future any person who is devoted to its values and strives for the mystical transformation of being a devoted patriot of the Black Robe.

Government The Government of the Holy Republic of the Black Robe is best described as an Oligarchic Demarchy. Oligarchy denotes ruled by few, the Sovereign Body of the Black Robe, and Demarchy denotes picking officials based on Sortition.

National Anthem Placeholder Anthem: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CWtO2QvSAiw