Republic of Hiti

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Republic of Hiti
République Hiti

Flag of Hiti.png
New Coat of Arms of Hiti.gif

Freedom, Independence, Unity
Dawn of a New Country
Capital city25px Anera
Official language(s)English, French ,Tahitian , Hitian English
Official religion(s)Selcuarism
Short nameHiti
GovernmentSemi-presidential Democratic Republic
- Chief of StateShady Morsi
- ReplacorJohannes Doorn
- HofmanDylan Buitenhuis
LegislatureGrand Congress
- Number of seats - 5
Established11 March 2016
Population36 registered citizens
CurrencyHitian Dollar (H$)
Franko (F)
National animalPolynesian ground dove
Hiti officaly known as The Republic of Hiti also refered as Hitiraumea Republic (to avoid confusion with Haiti)  is an unrecognized secessionist new country project Commonly referred to as a micronation by external observers, Located in French Polynesia and,. It shares a border with France It was declared on 11 March 2016 by the National Republican Movement

The self-proclaimed state's activities are headed by the Chief of State ,and the National Republican Movement ,The Republic of Hiti is not been recognized by any foreign country. But supported by a lot of Secessionist movements

Hiti is the smallest Oceanian country in both population and land area With an average ground level elevation of 1.0 metres above sea level, it is the planet's lowest country It is also the country with the lowest natural highest point in the world,

The Chief of State of Hiti is Shady Morsi , who heads a 5-member unicameral parliament. The country is a member of the League of Secessionist Nations. Hiti also participates in local Polynesian projects


The name Hiti cames from the Island of Hiti, Hitiraumea is a westenized from of the name Hiti-rau-mea


The first recorded European to arrive to Hiti Atoll was Russian oceanic explorer Fabian Gottlieb von Bellingshausen in 1820.

On 11 March 2016 the National Republican Movement proclaimed the establishment of the Republic of Hiti. The next day Shady Morsi was elected as president of the ROH.On the next day the Hitian Republic sended a declaration of independence to the French Government and the President of French Polynesia

As Soon on 18 March the Anaheimse State of Malihini claimed Hiti as its own however, after one day of negotiations, Malihini released its claims on Hiti. As soon on 22 March 2016 the office of President is abolished and the office of the Chief of State is adopted.


Hiti is a republic with a semi-presidental system of government. The Chief of State is the head of state while the Hofman is head of government. A 5-member unicameral parliament is elected every four years. The parliament elects the president from its members, and the president appoints a cabinet of five members.

The People elects a Chief of State and the Chief of State appoints the Hofman, Members of the Grand Congress are elected by the people, The President appoints a Cabinet of 5-6 people. The Chief of State is both the head of state and head of government.

Political Parties

Party Name Logo Short name Leader Position Status Seats
Grand Congress
National Republican Movement Owl.png NRM Shady Morsi Right

In Government

2 / 5
Hitian People's Party 100px HPP Dylan Buitenhuis Center-Left

In Government

2 / 5
Autonomists 100px Auto Jan Uljee Piere Center Opposition
1 / 5

Administrative divisions

Hiti is divided into 4 administrative districts which are grouped into e30 wards and are further divided into various villages.The most populous district is Anrea with a total of 7 residents, 

Foreign relations

Following independence from France, Hiti became a sovereign, independent republic on Hiti has established diplomatic relations with a number of nations, including most of its Pacific micronations with which it maintains economic, cultural and administrative ties with its regionally. Hiti is also a founding member of the League of Secessionist Nations Its diplomacy is guided by a commitment to be recognized by as many nations as possible and to make a noticeable and positive impact on the micronational community. As a result of choice policy, the following nations are ones Hiti has relations with or recognizes:


The National Liberation Army of Hiti (NLAH) is the name given to the combined armed services of Hiti. The NLAH is a brigade sized organisation consisting of a headquarters and three separate battalions, with minimal air and naval forces.

The origins of the NLAH can be found in the Hitian Nationalist units as it was a part of the National Fronts of Hiti and a predecessor of the NLAH.


According to the 2016 Census, the Hitian Republic had a population of 23. The racial composition of the state was 50% White (including multiracial whites),50% Black.

Hiti can be regarded as a predominantly atheist nation, with 60% of respondents listing themselves as atheist or non-religious. The study shows that 10% of them are Christian (incl;Catholics and Protestants) 20% are Budhist and 10% are Muslims


Hiti Atoll is oval in shape. It measures 9 km in length with a maximum width of

NASA satlite view of Hiti

6 km. There are some narrow islands on the northern side of its reef with a total land area of about 3 km2. The southern part of the reef is broader but has no islands. Hiti's lagoon is not connected to the ocean by a pass.


The Hitian economy is dependent

almost entirely on souvenirs, and most necessities are imported. Banking services are provided by the

File:Hitian made Pot.PNG
Hitian souvenirs forms the backbone of Hitian economey

National Bank of Hiti. Public sector workers make up about 65% of those formally employed. Remittances from Hitians living in The Netherlands and France, Approximately 85% of Hitians work in foreign companies

The average GDP growth is 0.5% in 2016