History of Lukland

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Lukland's history is short since the foundation of the Kingdom a lot has changed. Lukland exists for 7 months. Lukland exists 367 days

Declaration of Independence

The first flag of the Kingdom of Lukland. 12 May 2020.
The King of Lukland signs the Declaration of Independence

The King of Lukland had thought about the founding of Micronation before, but considered it too young. In the course of March and April, in the Capital Province and the Greater Lukland Province, great felling was carried out and most of the trees were damaged. During this period, independence movements arose in this area. On May 12, 2020 at noon, Luke I entered the country and announced the Kingdom of Lukland. He put the first flag into the ground, proclaimed the Kingdom of Lukland and the first national anthem, "Hey Slavs", was played. On May 13, the Declaration of Independence was printed at 20.00. The King took the Declaration of Independence and I signed it at 8:22 PM in the present Old Maple Area. And ever since then there has been the Kingdom of Lukland. Independence Day is also celebrated on May 13.

First Kingdom of Lukland

The coat of arms of Lukland which was then de facto introduced.

The king, knowing that the newly created state needed the right to function, began to write a constitution that was ready on May 28 but never came into force. He began writing the next constitution in June. On June 7, the first decree entered into force, which incorporated the territory of 16m².

In this decree, the state was not referred to as the Kingdom but as the Grand Duchy. 2 the decree defined the state border and joined 5 islands in Antarctica to the state. In this decree, the state was referred to as the Kingdom. Work on the constitution was completed on July 2. At 22.22 on the same day, it entered into force officially transforming

Grand Duchy of Lukland

First flag of the Grand Duchy.

The Grand Duchy of Lukland was founded on July 2 under the first constitution. During this period, no law or decree was passed, all the laws of the state were determined by the constitution. Around July 10, the Kingdom re-emerged into the world by setting up a microwiki site and a website.

One of many photos taken by the government of the Grand Duchy. In the photo: Acerlin and Old Maple.

On July 31, the fourth change of the constitution was published which changed the state from Grand Duchy to Kingdom. The decree of the Constitution entered into force on August 1.

Second Kingdom of Lukland [1]

Szogunpolis 14 August 2020

The kingdom was established by constitutional decree on August 1, 2020 at 0.00. At around 5.30 pm Luke I was crowned King of Lucland. On August 15, the current white and blue flag was established. Unfortunately, due to the growing number of coronavirus infections, on

September 1, 2020, restrictions against Covid-19 infection were introduced in fear of the first infection Covid-19 in the Kingdom. So far, no citizen has been confirmed to be infected.

Lukland 26 September 2020

On September 18, the second constitution was passed and the restrictions were lifted. On that day, the national symbols were also changed. The current anthem was adopted in October.

On October 16, the Conflict over the Drygalski Island broke out. Unfortunately, Lukland relinquished its rights to the island on November 2. Also on that day, the east of the land was incorporated into Robertson and Mount Tyree. From these lands the Province of Mount Tyree and Mac Robertson was formed.

On December 2, 2020, the third constitution was adopted. The current coat of arms was established on that day. On December 10, the Penal and Offenses Code was adopted, which is a civil-military code. On that day, the Royal Police was established.

Snow in Lukland December 2020

On December 12, 8 centimeters of snow fell. It was the most snow in two years.

On December 18, under the ordinance, a referendum was held to amend the constitution. 100% of people voted for the change of the constitution with 50% turnout. On January 11, the Constitution was amended and on January 12 the Constitution was amended.

On February 17, the Constitution was annulled as are 6 documents concerning the state. On February 17, Lukland changed the regime to an abolute Monarchy ruled by a great King. The Royal Cabinet was dissolved on February 17.[2]