History of Krzakacja

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The history of Krzakacja refers to the predecessors of Krzakacja, i.e. countries such as Lukland

Early history

Declaration of Independence of Lukland

The first flag of the Kingdom of Lukland. 12 May 2020.
The King of Lukland signs the Declaration of Independence

On May 12, 2020, the present King, threw the flag into the ground and announced the creation of the Kingdom of Lukland. The next day, the King printed the Decree of Independence and, at around 8 p.m., the King signed it. In June, the King unified the territory of the Kingdom's claims and incorporated one new territory of 16m². Work on the constitution was also underway in June.

Grand Duchy of Lukland

On July 2, the king ratified a Constitution that would transform the Kingdom into a Grand Duchy. During this period, no laws were enacted except the Constitution and its amendments.

From July 28 on, the Grand Duke wondered whether to turn a grand duchy into a kingdom.

Kingdom of Lukland

On August 1, a constitutional amendment was introduced that changed the Grand Duchy into a Kingdom. On August 1, the king was crowned with a paper crown. In August, the King passed several laws about which little is known. In September, the King began drafting my new Constitutions. On September 19, the king passed the constitution.

In October, the king passed several laws. In November, the kingdom expanded its territory to include colonies in Antarctica. In December, the King adopted a new constitution. In January 2021, the constitutions were changed.

The flag of Lukland flown on Independence Day on May 13. May 13, 2021.

On February 17, the Constitution was annulled as are 6 documents concerning the state. On February 17, Lukland changed the regime to an abolute Monarchy ruled by a great King. The Royal Cabinet was dissolved on February 17. From May onwards, the Kingdom became more and more inactive.

Transformation into Krzakacja and dissolution

On June 27, 2020, the King signed a Kingdom Declaration which would rename Lukland into Krzakacja. The Krzakacja, also known as the temporary Kingdom, fell into inactivity. On July 15, the king signed the act of dissolving the kingdom, which came a day later.

Declaration of independence and beginnings of Krzakacja

King, after a short vacation, decided to declare the kingdom's independence again, but this time he decided to prepare it. On 4 august 2021 at 7:25 PM, the King signed the Declaration of Independence of the Kingdom of Krzakacja. Work on the constitution has been underway since September. King on 28 november 2021 revokes previous decrees and instituted 3 new decrees which was supposed to initiate changes, however, it did not happen. From November, work on the Constitution continued and ended in July 2022. The king enacted the constitutions on July 31, 2022.