History of Ledilia

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The Foundation

Ledilia has an history filled of wars, the first was with Tomeone when Ledilia was an Empire ruled by Manuel I°, after some months the Principality of Ledlia was born, many changes, neutrality and some more ideas, after when Ledlia was declining an Imperial Federation was born, that was ruled by the Ledile Lavr Svyatopolk and his Lediviech Danger British, passed some months the project got forgotten until February, when Davide had the Idea to stop the conflicts with the Latinov family and wanted to be an ally.

The Conflicts

Ledilia had several wars with Tomeone when it was an Empire, this all ended with this treaty and the Ledilia's Neutrality.

Ledilia when under the name of Ledlia was still under the Tomeone's general secretary target, after the humiliation nothing got on, just the forgotten by Manuel.

Ledilia when it became an Imperial Federation was not powerful and inactive, it fought with his old Lediviech (Danger British) British Armed Forces, ended with a surrender of both powers and cancellation of the raids.

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